Occupational Health Services
Construction workers are the backbone of our infrastructure, but their job comes with many occupational hazards. From the physical demands of heavy lifting to the ever-present risk of falls, slips, and trips, construction sites can be dangerous environments. In 2021, there were 169,200 recorded injuries in construction alone. The financial impact of injuries within the...
Explore the cost-saving benefits of biometric screenings for workplace wellness. Discover how they establish baselines, detect health risks, and promote well-being while boosting employee satisfaction and productivity.
To tackle challenges, manufacturing companies focus on optimizing post-injury care. On-site health care programs emerge as a proactive strategy for preventing on-the-job injuries.
The dynamic pace of the hospital industry presents many challenges, with workers facing diverse risks of injury daily. Unfortunately, many hospitality workers experience workplace injuries that not only affect their well-being but also lead to missed workdays.
In the fast-paced environment of grocery stores, prioritizing the safety of both employees and customers is paramount. This comprehensive guide explores key strategies and practices that contribute to fostering a safer working environment for grocery workers. Starting Safely: Pre-Employment Measures Ensuring the well-being of potential hires begins with investing in pre-employment physicals. Beyond safeguarding health,...