Building a Safer Tomorrow: Prioritizing Health and Safety for Construction Workers

Construction workers are the backbone of our infrastructure, but their job comes with many occupational hazards. From the physical demands of heavy lifting to the ever-present risk of falls, slips, and trips, construction sites can be dangerous environments. In 2021, there were 169,200 recorded injuries in construction alone. The financial impact of injuries within the construction industry is significant. The direct costs of workers’ compensation resulting from the top five causes of injury in construction was $7.87 billion. Construction workers miss 24.2 million hours due to a workplace injury.

As a company committed to the well-being of workers, it’s essential to understand the challenges they face and provide effective solutions for injury prevention. Let’s take a look at the challenges and solutions for the construction industry.

The Reality of Construction Work

The construction industry is synonymous with physically demanding tasks and stressful environmental conditions. Workers brave harsh weather, long hours, and unpredictable workplaces daily. Did you know construction workers have a 70% higher chance of suffering a work-related injury than all other occupations?  And construction workers miss 24.2 million hours due to a workplace injury in 2022. Forty percent of construction injuries result in days from work and workers miss an average of 11 working days per injury.

Common physical demands of construction workers include:

  • heavy lifting,
  • use of vibrating tools,
  • awkward postures, and
  • prolonged static positions

These are just some of the physical demands they encounter, often leading to injury, missed work, and disability.

Understanding the Risks of Construction Workers

The consequences of construction accidents can be devastating, ranging from amputations and fractures to burns and traumatic brain injuries. Moreover, the financial burden of workplace injuries is substantial, with billions spent annually on workers’ compensation and medical expenses.

Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) has identified several common causes of injuries on construction sites, including:

  • falls from heights
  • trench collapses
  • electrical hazards
  • failure to use appropriate protective gear
  • repetitive motion

Solutions for a Safer Workplace

At Bon Secours Mercy Health, we’re dedicated to empowering construction companies with the knowledge and tools needed to prioritize worker safety and health. Our comprehensive approach to injury care includes:

  • pre-employment physicals
  • drug screenings
  • on-site health clinics
  • urgent care locations
  • access nationally renowned health system that offers a full spectrum of health care specialists and services

Benefits of On-Site Health Clinics for Construction Companies

In addition to proactive injury prevention measures, construction companies can benefit from on-site health clinics. These clinics provide:

  • Access to Fast Care Post-Injury: Immediate access to medical care following an injury can prevent complications and facilitate faster recovery.
  • Increased Employee Satisfaction: Offering on-site medical services demonstrates a commitment to employee well-being, leading to higher job satisfaction and morale.
  • Decrease in Recordable Injuries: Timely medical intervention can help prevent minor injuries from escalating into recordable incidents, reducing the overall number of workplace injuries.
  • Cost Savings for Employers and Employees: On-site health clinics can lead to significant cost savings by reducing healthcare expenses, workers’ compensation claims, and lost productivity due to missed work.
  • Decrease Missed Work Time: By providing convenient access to medical care, on-site health clinics minimize the time employees spend away from work due to injuries or illness.

Construction work is inherently challenging, but by prioritizing occupational health and safety and investing in on-site medical services, companies can protect their most valuable assets—their workers. Bon Secours Mercy Health Occupational Health Services is committed to partnering with companies to implement effective injury prevention strategies, provide timely medical care for injured workers, and create more productive work environments. Together, we can build a future where every construction worker returns home safely at the end of the day.

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