We operate as the best of both worlds

Digital Innovation

We have a deep bench and business stability, but also understand the value of operating with the agility and speed of a start-up.

We have an insatiable curiosity to create value – constantly assessing market desirability, viability and feasibility to prioritize our digital investments and development as we iterate to achieve value for both our core health system and the digital health market more broadly.

We understand the deep complexities and needs of the largest health care systems across the country, and know how to use the mindsets and methodologies of the tech industry to solve them.

Our digital business unit drives end-to-end innovation supporting the growth and enablement of our core health system, as well as the digital health market at large.

Core Competencies

Information & Technology

We offer a range of IT support services, as well as robust depth in EHR system implementation and operation for external health care partners across the country.

Innovation and Investment

We keep a clear lens on partnerships and acquisitions that create value-add capabilities within our tech stack and offerings, and have synergistic alignment with our priority to drive digital value at scale.

Digital Product Development

We focus on agile delivery of new and innovative digital tools, capabilities and architecture supporting the growing digital needs of consumers, health care systems, patients and providers alike.

Data and Analytics

We operate with the mindset that data is an asset and create clean, actionable and meaningful data and analytics tools and solutions for health care systems and partners in related industries.

Interested in partnering with us?

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