A commitment to safeguarding the Earth

Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)

At Bon Secours Mercy Health, we’re called to extend compassion and good help to all we serve, especially the poor, dying and underserved. We’re called to act with integrity, be good stewards and safeguard human dignity. Our heritage goes back two hundred years and is the wellspring of our passion for helping people and communities thrive and for safeguarding the environment and its precious resources.

Care for our common home


We’re innovatively and effectively reducing waste, promoting sustainability and conserving precious resources in our markets and across our international footprint. Through partnerships and investment strategies we’re extending our ability to be an agent of change, not just in the communities we serve, but around the globe.

Care for quality of life, society and equity


Bon Secours Mercy Health is focused on helping people live healthier lives as we extend health care access, address social determinants of health and support initiatives that will bring about healthier, safer communities. We respect the dignity of all people and are committed to extending our organizational culture, one that is committed to diversity, inclusion and equity, that benefits our associates and those we serve.

Oversight, approach, action


Through a strategic, aligned framework, Bon Secours Mercy Health’s governance boards and executive leadership council provide oversight and guidance to teams across the ministry focused on ESG initiatives and accountabilities. As a respected anchor organization in the communities we serve and as a Catholic healthcare ministry committed to the common good, we hold ourselves accountable to acting with integrity, promoting ethical practices and achieving the responsibilities we’ve set for ourselves in furthering our ESG efforts and results.


Bon Secours Mercy Health has a long-standing commitment to safeguarding the Earth and serving its people. It is our pleasure to provide you with the Bon Secours Mercy Health ESG Report and share our ministry’s ESG strategies, activities and achievements.