Bon Secours Mercy Health and Strive Health Team Up to Transform Kidney Care

Bon Secours Mercy Health and Strive Health have launched a new collaborative relationship to deliver high-quality, whole-person care for patients with kidney disease.

Denver-based Strive Health will work in association with Ohio-based Bon Secours Mercy Health to bring together a unique approach and specialized population health capabilities to nearly 8,000 chronic kidney disease (CKD) and end stage kidney disease (ESKD) patients across Ohio. With comprehensive support from Strive, a national leader in value-based kidney care, Bon Secours Mercy Health aims to help patients preserve kidney function and delay the progression of kidney disease.

The CDC estimates that kidney disease affects 37 million adults or 15% of U.S. adults, including more than 38% of those over 65 years old. Kidney disease drives $410 billion of unmanaged annual medical spend, demonstrating the need for earlier intervention and specialized care coordination.

This relationship will deliver a new clinical model for kidney patients that leverages Strive’s proprietary technology platform and Strive Kidney Heroes™ interdisciplinary clinical care teams. Strive’s CareMultiplier™ technology gathers data from hundreds of sources to gain a holistic view of the patient’s experience. That information can help paint a picture about the risk of hospitalization or progression of disease, enabling providers to better manage care based on each individual’s needs.

“With Strive, we have found an organization that enables us to enhance our ability to deliver whole-person care to our patients with kidney disease anywhere anytime. Together, we bring a proven innovative clinical model to our communities that integrates with our current model of care,” said Jean Haynes, Chief Population & Community Health Officer, Bon Secours Mercy Health.

The Strive clinical care team includes nurse practitioners, dietitians, pharmacists, care coordinators and licensed clinical social workers. These team members serve as an extension of the patient’s physician to help manage both kidney disease and comorbid conditions, such as diabetes, that can impact a patient’s overall health.

“The Strive team is honored to have the opportunity to work alongside one of the largest and most strategic health systems in the U.S. to provide care to kidney disease patients in Ohio,” said Chris Riopelle, co-founder and CEO of Strive Health.

Strive manages over 50,000 patients with CKD and ESKD through partnerships with providers and payors. Initially launched in partnership with SSM Health, Strive is the leading value-based kidney care company currently working with health systems.

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