SADA Launches National Response Portal, Targets COVID-19 Insights and Economic Recovery

SADA , a leading global business and technology consultancy, announces the official launch of the National Response Portal (NRP), providing critical data and analytics to aid in the COVID-19 recovery. Envisioned by HCA Healthcare and built in collaboration with Google Cloud, the NRP enables data sharing among healthcare providers and policy makers about the pandemic. On April 7th, HCA Healthcare announced its collaboration with SADA and Google Cloud and intent to join the portal initiative. Community Health Systems, Bon Secours Mercy Health and other providers have also joined and are sharing data on the portal.

“The National Response Portal will support countless doctors, nurses, hospital administrators and suppliers on the front lines,” said Manish Shah, Senior Vice President & Chief Information Officer, Community Health Systems. “We’re proud to be part of this initiative with SADA and other healthcare providers to help these heroes with timely data to serve our communities to the best of their abilities.”

“Bon Secours Mercy Health is pleased to partner with SADA on the National Response Portal to ensure health care providers and policy makers have access to the most up-to-date COVID-19 analytics,” said Jason Siegert, Chief Analytics Officer, Bon Secours Mercy Health. “As many states prepare for the unknown that comes from reopening services and activities, we anticipate that the NRP will be a valuable resource to ensure the health and well-being of our nation.”

Given the volume of COVID-19 data being generated across the country, government and healthcare leaders need ways to view and analyze consolidated information to understand the current situation and anticipate what’s next. The NRP provides healthcare organizations with COVID-19 situational awareness metrics at county and state levels. Data is submitted each day from hospital systems across the United States and will ultimately provide insights into ICU bed supply and utilization; ventilator supply and utilization; COVID-19 test results; and healthy patients who have been discharged. All data being shared on the portal will be structured in a manner to comply with HIPAA and other applicable restrictions.

“Even as some locations are already passing through the initial case surge, the path forward — moving from coping with the crisis to ending it and restarting the economy — remains largely uncharted. Our first goal is to arm healthcare administrators and government officials with data-driven insights to navigate the road ahead,” said Michael Ames, Senior Director of Healthcare and Life Sciences, SADA. “The NRP will provide decision-makers with rich and timely data to understand how policy changes and social behaviors impact efforts to end the crisis.”

The platform will also leverage datasets, such as social distancing policy scores, traffic and social mobility patterns, to help shed light on how public policy and social behavior intersect and affect the spread of the disease.

“We are delighted with the rapid growth and evolution of the National Response Portal as it helps guide us from surge, to restart and recovery,” said Dr. Edmund Jackson, the Chief Data Officer, HCA Healthcare.

The NRP is built on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and consists of an interactive mapping view, interwoven with advanced data visualization dashboards. A wide range of Google Cloud tools and technologies are used, including Looker, BigQuery, Cloud Storage and Kubernetes, as well as Google’s best-in-class technologies for advanced analytics and machine learning.

“The National Response Portal represents an important resource to help U.S. healthcare organizations, governments and the public understand and respond to the impact of COVID-19,” said Philip Moyer, Vice President, Industry Sales, Google Cloud. “We are proud to support this initiative from SADA and HCA Healthcare.”

Healthcare organizations can contribute to and access the portal for free. Visit to learn more.

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