Chief Strategy Officer David Cannady Speaks on Climate Change and the Impact to Health Care

Bon Secours Mercy Health (BSMH) is committed to developing a sustainable culture through environmental stewardship and partnerships with others to protect the environment and our communities’ health now and for future generations.

Chief Strategy Officer David Cannady recently talked with Deloitte Consulting on the ways BSMH is working with outside organizations like Cintrifuse, a Cincinnati-based innovation hub, to identify best practices an increase its sustainability efforts. “Given that other sectors are often more mature in their sustainability efforts, health care organizations can look to these multi-industry hubs like Cintrifuse to learn approaches and leading practices around supply-chain footprint reduction,” said Cannady. “These learnings provide a foundational infrastructure to help accelerate our efforts which are critical to our ministry and the overall landscape of health care.”

Deloitte’s Insights on why climate resilience is important for health care outlines core climate risks to the future of health and offers key strategies that organizations can use to build sustainable futures. It also outlines how climate change can affect health care costs and exacerbate health inequities.

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