Bon Secours Mercy Health Receives Association for Corporate Growth Deal of the Year Award

Inaugural award recognizes BSMH’s tremendous growth in Cincinnati and across the organizational footprint

Bon Secours Mercy Health recently received the inaugural Association for Corporate Growth (ACG) Deal of the Year Award, recognizing its proven track record of leadership, innovation and success.

In the past two years, BSMH completed several deals to become the fifth-largest Catholic health care ministry in the US and a top-20 health care system in the country, while creating a hub in Cincinnati. BSMH was formed following the merger of Mercy Health and Bon Secours in 2018, creating a ministry with more than 40 hospitals and approximately 50,000 associates. Over the last three years, the organization merged with Bon Secours Health System in Ireland, and acquired three hospitals in Southeastern Virginia, bringing its total to 50 hospitals and approximately 60,000 associates. It has established a variety of B2B organizations, including Conduit Health Partners, Harness Health Partners and Advantus Health Partners, which bring important support services to hospitals and health systems. In the third quarter 2021, BSMH will break ground on a new $156 million, 60-bed hospital in Mason, which will add 275 new health-care jobs to the community

Through its scale, Bon Secours Mercy Health is able to apply best practices across its entire footprint, finding efficiencies that lead to more effective care. The ministry has harmonized its clinical quality metrics, which has led to year-over-year quality improvements, including a reduction in length of stay, ICU utilization and sepsis mortality. In addition, Bon Secours Mercy Health achieved leading reductions in opioid prescribing, with a 60% reduction in the opioid burden. The health and well-being of the communities served by Bon Secours Mercy Health is improving, which is paramount to the organization’s Mission.

“The growth of Bon Secours Mercy Health has provided us with the opportunity to partner with organizations across our footprint that share our values and strive to improve the health and well-being of community residents,” said David Cannady, BSMH chief strategy officer. “By working to create a sustainable future, we help to ensure that we are able to care with compassion and dignity for every person who comes into our facilities. Our growth helps to fulfill this important Mission.”

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