Bon Secours Mercy Health Focused on Addressing the Health Care Talent Shortage

According to LinkedIn data, registered nurses are the most in-demand professionals, amid historic talent shortages. In a recent LinkedIn Talent Blog article, Bon Secours Mercy Health (BSMH) Core Operations Chief People Officer Allan Calonge addresses the work his team is doing to recruit and retain top talent.

“We established Called to Grow, expanded our education benefit and developed a partnership with Guild Education one year ago and have worked with thousands of associates who are growing their careers through this innovative and beneficial program,” said Calonge. “We want our associates to stay with our organization for the duration of their careers, and by investing in their success, we work as partners to achieve their goals. It’s incredibly rewarding for both BSMH and our associates.”

Over the last year, BSMH provided tuition assistance to nearly 3,000 associates, and in the majority of cases the benefit covered 100% of tuition and educational expenses upfront. Mobility specialists help associates identify their career goals, navigate the program options and assist throughout the process.

Since introducing the program, BSMH has hired 24% more nurses than the previous year and more than 50% of new hires cite the program as a deciding factor. Additionally, BSMH has seen a 20% reduction in turnover, which is attributable, in part, to its investments in associates.

“Developing a robust internal pipeline takes time and commitment,” said Calonge. “BSMH truly believes in investing in each associate who walks through our doors to help them grow as individuals. Working in health care is a calling and we are called to help our team succeed.”

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