Andrea Mazzoccoli Highlights Benefits of Ministry’s Nursing Flex Team

Bon Secours Mercy Health knows that nurses mean the world and that they are integral to the high-quality, compassionate care provided to patients and communities each and every day. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed conditions for everyone in the health care field, especially nurses, and flexible working opportunities for all nurses are more important than ever.

Andrea Mazzoccoli, RN, PhD, FAAN, chief nurse and quality officer for Bon Secours Mercy Health, spoke with HealthLeaders to introduce and explain the benefits of the ministry’s Nursing Flex Team. “It allows our nurses to stay inside our ministry of a faith-based community setting. It also allows the nurses to maintain their compensation, tenure and service within the ministry,” Mazzoccoli said. “At one time, if they wanted to have these kinds of experiences, they would have to choose to leave the ministry to travel. Now they have that opportunity as part of our own portfolio.”

The Bon Secours Mercy Health Nursing Flex Program offers three different options that nurses can choose from:

  • Site Flex Team: Nurses can work in different units within a local facility.
  • Market Flex Team: Nurses are able to work in different facilities within a market (where applicable).
  • System Flex Team: Nurses have the opportunity to travel to different locations – more than 30 hospitals across Ohio, Kentucky, Virginia and South Carolina.

“Our nurses aren’t necessarily constrained by what kind of experience they already have because we help nurses in building their experience. They may try different specialties, or they may stay in their specialty and try different kinds of clinical areas,” Mazzoccoli added.

Read the full article featured in HealthLeaders magazine and learn more about how Bon Secours Mercy Health has created an internal travel agency program for its nurses.

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